Monday, July 28, 2014

Chibi Pin Up Zodiacs


I have been really into drawing since the dawn of time and in my spare time this year I have started to make a collection of Chibi Pin Up Zodiacs from my three favorite subjects: Chibi anime, Pin up illustration, and Zodiac Signs. In this unfinished collection, I have put in my signature black and white sort of color-bookish style with a few little added doodles here and there.
I'm still on the process of illustrating the remaining few zodiacs but in the meantime, I would really love it if you can visit my Deviantart and Behance gallery and fave or appreciate whichever chibi pin up zodiac signs you like. I'm also open to commissions but only locally since I haven't updated my Paypal yet. Simply send me an email via and let's talk about it.

Still an anime princess at heart,

Friday, July 25, 2014

MissEleighNeux Files: July 2014


Why I chose that cutesy illustration above is that I see it as a quirky metaphor for seeing the world as we please like the girl sees the fishes flying. Imagination is something that comes from our own perspective. The way we visualize things, our daily situations, and the world or life itself, creates an environment we can be comfortable living in, regardless how reality can enhance or ruin it in given circumstances. That's probably why she calls it Positive Side Effects. Not that its all about drugs and hallucinations, but rather a deeper suggestion of how one can actually visualize the world and live in it. Think for a second: Are you seeing gold fishes or piranhas?

Okay, so I have been consistent with being totally inconsistent on updating my blog. The urge to write compels me from time to time like a butterfly that comes, leaves and comes back whenever it wishes to. One day I'm filled with so much energy to discover, appreciate and share things I learn about, and sadly the next I don't seem to care about anything. Besides, whenever I'm not in the mood and I try to write, everything that comes out my mind is like gibberish that I'm not comfortable publishing at all.

It's true what they say "The person born with a talent they are meant to use will find their greatest happiness in using it". I would like to take this opportunity to thank the very supportive people who liked my Facebook post last July 7, and to the unknowing victims who kept on checking my blog despite my non-updating mode. Thanks to you here I am again doing what I love the most and that is sharing random stuff I found on the Internet. Here we go!

I have always been a fan of drag queens everywhere and in this flip-it Buzzfeed post, I'm sure you'll have a lot of fun flipping through the before and after transformations of these divas. I love how they can totally look so masculine, then poof! Gorgeous.

via looloo
I remember my training days in Philippine Heart Center when my friends and I would go food exploring around Maginhawa St. I haven't tried 90% of the restos posted there yet but I'm sure looking forward to going on a foodie hop around this street. You should too if like me, you're tired of going to the same restos and eating the same stuff all your life. My definite first stop after I get my first salary is Van Gogh Is Bipolar. I've heard a lot of quirky stuff that goes on in there and I'd love to witness them myself, especially the part where they say you have to pay and give yourself your change, like a social experiment for how honest people are. I'd like to see if that still happens.

via Cracked
I remember that bit from American Dad where Roger Smith talks about the kid from Mrs. Doubtfire who grew up and became nothing. Well I guess she have been saved from what most child stars in her time are suffering today and it's good that she's informing the public about what child stardom is all about and why most of them go crazy.

"People who meet me as an adult are often surprised that I'm alive and have never been in prison or rehab. Sometimes they're disappointed I'm not cooler: I'm a normal-looking woman living in a two-bedroom apartment in one of the less cool neighborhoods of New York. I write stuff and tell stories, but I'm not a celebrity and wouldn't want to be one. I'm much more "reformed drama nerd" than "former child star," and I like it that way." - Mara Wilson

Victor Nunes has created a name for himself apart from millions of doodlers online. Like the theme of this post, "It's how you see things that matter", in his artworks, an ordinary stopcock can be a hat, a beard, a whole torso, however you wish to see it unconventionally. He even uses scissors and pencil shavings. Now here's something to try at home before you throw anything away.  

Arthur Tress shares his surreal and gothic pictures of children's worst nightmares wayback. You gotta admit, freaky photos from the vintage bucket seems more legit and will truly freak the hell out of you because those photos happened without Photoshop. Imagine having root hands or a gnome for a face. Deep shitty nightmare indeed.

These ones are really funny considering the irony behind the sexual associations that's been happening in cartoons and the fact that they're are being watched by children. Adults do have dirty minds and if you're an adult, you'll have a fun time browsing through these "That Happened" cartoon moments. Most are manipulated gifs thanks to creative pervs but most of them truly happened. 

via 8list
It's quite entertaining to know that Filipinos can be original too. Okay, sorry. These 8 Tagalog words will need a longer phrase if you were to say it in English. It's almost fun as it is annoying when you're trying to speak fluently in English and somehow there comes that word that ruins your cool. ("Dammit, what's the word for tampo? Making tampo? LOL) This is why I strongly believe that the word KILIG should be added to the Merriam-Webster's dictionary right now. It should be a priority before 'Talikogenic' which has unknowingly gained popularity in the west.

via Vice
Take a little tour around Michael Jackson's alter ego as a Pied Piper in his foreclosed estate "Neverland Ranch". Supposed to be an MJ version of a Disneyland, but was sadly taken down after he was accused of child molestation cases that was said to have happened there. The stuff in these photog/trespassers' photos send some chilly messages about his weird interest in children. I mean, yeah, statues of children everywhere. Kind of like the circus Pinocchio got in except they weren't turned into donkeys. I would love to take a tour there myself, because I'm in love with grungy places with horrible back stories. 


Oh, Peter Griffin. You are a disco ball. Gonna get me some Redbull now. Whenever I'm in a bad mood this seems to turn my frown upside down. Family Guy is definitely one of my comfort TV series (the ones you can play in a repeat mode the whole day and not complain one bit) Thank you for being born Seth MacFarlane.


Dammit Jon Snow, you know nothing. There are over a million characters in this series and it's been about you all along. And that's why A Song of Ice and Fire by George R.R. Martin is the best book ever written in centuries. Don't you think so? The complicated twists and turns of the book series are definitely to die for. No wonder George has taken decades to write this novel, and he's not finished it yet! And how long do we have to wait for Season 5? Is Jon gonna hook up with Daenerys? Coz you know, incest is cool. At least in this book.

What is dead may never die,

Saturday, February 1, 2014

5 Self Love Facts To Tell Yourself Daily

A few days from now I'm sure a lot of people would be attending parties for a chance to strike a heart-shaped pinata, declaring they're still single and miserable on Valentines Day 2014. People whine about their love life the whole year round. Some people even believe that Valentines' Day is all about finding that life partner when really, truth is they're obsessed with being loved that they forget the one thing that encompasses the feeling of being loved by someone: The ultimate feeling of Self Love. 

Here's something I learned the hard way. Before anyone else can love you, you have to learn to love yourself. I was caught up in a depression way back in college. I had a couple of boyfriends that didn't measure up, a couple of relationships that didn't last. I have always believed in love but somehow along the way, I got to thinking if I am pretty enough, or just another face for guys to not take seriously. I know how most people feel after a few attempts on finding that one and ending up frustrated. It's like love drastically transformed from something so magical into a nightmare. It's depressing, really. You had no idea why they never stay. Then I came across Gala Darling's site that I got to thinking, and you might have heard this before and I tell you it's not as cliche as it seems, "It's not them, it's me." 

It's true what they say, Self Love is the key. Love yourself a little everyday. Love yourself so much the world will start loving you. I tried that and I met my boyfriend three years ago. Yes, three years compared to my past boyfriends who only lasted a few weeks for random reasons. And we're still happy in love 

I started meditating on a regular basis. Even though I am in a stable relationship, it really helps to take a few minutes every single day to look at yourself in the mirror and appreciate the woman in front of you. If it worked with one person, maybe it will work with every person you meet everyday. Here's five things I kept on telling myself every single day that made me feel better and helped me love myself more. The secret here is not just looking at the mirror and just saying it to your face. You have to really feel it. Examine yourself, take note of your flaws and overwrite that thought process with why you are a better person. And smile because the things you just said are true. :)


We are all gifted with unique physical features and while some people continue to ridicule others for having less attractive physical appearances, we should always remember that beauty radiates from within regardless of what others keep on saying. You have to believe you're beautiful, so regardless of the huge mole on your face or a congenital defect you can't do anything about, tell yourself you're the most beautiful person in the world. Smile at yourself in the mirror. Stop stressing yourself with what make up to put on or what clothes to wear. Stop comparing yourself with other people. Stop hiding behind a brick wall of insecurity. Stop covering yourself with layers and layers of pretentious lies because the person you see in front of you needs no masks. And that person is beautiful.

I too had my fair share of insecurities. Puberty could have been the worst part of my life (it is a fact for most girls) because aside from my leg problem, I had this acne breakout plus an uncontrollable annoying and stinky bloody period I keep getting every month during classes. It was definitely the worst part of my life but I have moved on. It wasn't easy but I have come to doing something about my problem and accepting what I am and every little detail about myself. For a brief period of time I hated looking at the mirror but soon I discovered that the more I looked at myself in the mirror and smiled, it's like my acne-ridden face has been automatically Photoshopped clean. A smile can make a lot of difference, you know, even to yourself. It's best to see yourself beautiful before you care about what others think. No matter how hideous you may seem to the rest of the world, every time you smile, it will give them a hint that you appreciate yourself for how you look, and you'll realize soon enough they will stop with the ridicules simply because it has no effect on you anymore. You are a happy person and because happiness radiates a glow from within, you'll start looking more beautiful. Besides, you are created from the image and likeness of God. Would you rather spend your borrowed life thinking you're ugly? Because you're not and that's a fact.


Everyone must be good at something. Genetic disorders exist but I believe that nothing is too hard to teach nor impossible to learn. We all went through a few subjects in school that we truly despised. Chemistry for one happens to be my very first fail subject. I remember in a fifty items exam and I got five. Ok, so I didn't really study for it because I didn't see the point in trying to learn something I won't be able to apply in the real world. I had the lowest grade and it just felt as if everybody looked down on me. It sucked even though I didn't really care for it that much. So I had to make up for that unacceptable mark and I cursed Chemistry up until we started with Pharmacology classes. That was when I found chemistry handy, and I got good grades!
My point is, intelligence sometimes come with your life's passions. If you're so much in love with Art then Politics won't make much sense to you. I'm not really sure about this but based on experience, when new knowledge comes knocking and it's not part of your interest, no matter how hard you memorize or devise ways to absorb it, it just won't work. But if it's something you're interested in, it's like your brain opens up automatically for new information.

However, if you're born with the extreme ability to learn and absorb any type of information, then I guess your only problem is with regards to making major decisions in life like in choosing which guy to date or whether to give in to love or not, which are basically things most people suck at because there are no defined set of guidelines of which we are to follow strictly when it comes to love. Face it, there are a lot of people who excel in school and do not really make it good in life. If you're one of these people, then look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself you're not stupid, you just made bad decisions, and it's okay. We were all born ignorant in this world. We'll never figure everything out. So stop blaming yourself for not knowing this and that because most probably, you know something that others do not. You're just too busy measuring up to what they know instead of investing your time in the things you know. Tell yourself you're intelligent and be confident about the things you know, no matter how basic they are. Allow them to be seeds of which you will use your time to nurture and grow.


We women are proud to be resilient creatures. The fact that we are soundly in tune with our emotions means that we too have the ability to control them. So we're emotional and erratic sometimes. We laugh and cry a lot for various deep and shallow reasons. But for the record, men commit suicide three times more than women do, which is a perfect excuse why you should stop moping around start telling yourself that you're a strong person. I could go around mentioning every bit of reason why women are better at controlling their emotions than men but I'm sure you never will truly feel stronger by referring to a statistic. It's an average anyway. This is all about you and your capability to withstand any type of misfortune that comes your way.

When you're stuck in a rut and when the world seems all in your face, believe me no normal person will just shrug it off and continue living like nothing happened. Horrendous events either make you or break you. It's a vicious cycle we all have to live with but here's a secret: Every bad experience could either be a payment for a past negative deed or a signal for an awesome upcoming opportunity. I know, it's the law of karma. Do good and be rewarded with good a hundredfold. Do evil and prepare for the worst. Keep telling yourself you're strong so that whatever the world throws at you, you can handle like a diva. God will not give you any load too heavy that you cannot carry. It's all a matter of pulling yourself up when the world seems to bury you alive and emerging like a purified gold that withstood fire.


Now that you're starting to build up a positive outlook against life's challenges, it's time that you take it physical. You have to be healthy for yourself; Not to look better for others but to feel better about yourself. Stop smoking and drinking. Meditate upon waking up. Enough with the fast food and junk food, eat more fruits and vegetables. Exercise daily. Play mind games when you're bored. Get enough sleep. Be aware of your body's limits and be assertive about it.  You know very much how this works. Besides, with a healthy body, there are most likely less worries that any form of disease may occur, which in turn decreases the possibilities of having another situation to deal with.


You're a queen in every way possible. You are beautiful, intelligent, strong and healthy. Always wear your invisible crown. It serves as your protective helmet from anybody who tries to ridicule you. It's your personal shield from your own negative thoughts. Be nicer to yourself and the world will love you just the way you have always wanted it to.

I'm a queen,

Monday, January 13, 2014

Woman Photoshops Herself Back in Time

Photo by Chino Otsuka
Photoshop has been one of the many things that truly define the 21st century. It's also a popular factor for the birth of the "ME Generation" as the old timers call it. Most importantly, it's one of the many things I want to cross off my To Practice and Master list this year. 

But this post isn't all about Photoshop, it's about time travel. Today's post features the nostalgic Photoshop work by London-based photographer Chino Otsuka. I wanted to stir up a controversy that she has finally completed a fully functional time machine but it's not the case. In her series Imagine Finding Me, she managed to recreate her old pictures into timeless memoirs that somehow bridge the present and the past. 

Sometimes you just wish you could talk to your younger self but the only thing you can do is take a picture and make magic happen.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Harry Potter Book Covers Around the World

The Harry Potter fever has unfortunately been taken down by the vamps and sadists but here's a fun fact, something the new best sellers haven't topped yet. J.K Rowling's Harry Potter novel has been SOO celebrated around the world that each country needed to make different book covers. I know, right? It's awesome. It's the same series with different covers and translations for every country. I may not have read all those seven books (sorry, it was a phase) but really, this got me giddy like seeing Daniel Radcliffe in the first movie and buying my first batch of HP merchandise back in 6th grade. Basically because they're scattered around the net, I have collected and organized them, of course for easier viewing. Art mudbloods and HP nerds, get your broomsticks ready for a magical trip around the world!